Yabloko calls to annul the annexation of Crimea


The Congress of the Russian Yabloko (Apple) party has approved the electoral program, which calls to stop the illegal annexation of Crimea.

“Our position is very clear: we are for the inviolability of borders in Europe, we are for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and we believe that the Crimean peninsula is part of Ukraine, the annexation was illegal and should be annulled. We believe that the future of the Crimean people should be determined on the basis of the relevant legislation. We do not consider legitimate the referendum, held hastily and without rules, laws and regulations, under “protection” of the Russian armed forces,” says the document.

Also the program emphasizes the necessity of the Minsk Accords fulfillment and “the withdrawal of illegal armed groups, military hardware, guerillas and foreign fighters from the territory of Ukraine”.

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