Writer: Putin wanted to capture all of Ukraine, following the example of Crimea

annexation of crimea

Famous Russian writer Vladimir Voinovich believes that the Russian leadership planned to fully capture Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea.

“The war was initiated with the aim either to divide Ukraine or to grab it completely. Those who have started, probably, thought that all would go on the Crimean course: the “green men” (Russian soldiers) come and the game is up. They had such hopes. But these hopes have not fortunately been satisfied.” said Voinovich in an interview.

In the writer’s opinion, now Russia continues the war to preclude Ukraine from developing. “Perhaps now Putin wants Donetsk and Lugansk to remain a wound that prevents Ukraine from moving forward. He could not allow the successful development of Ukraine: this example would be too instructive for Russia! So the war is going on. Russian troops are still there and are still killing people, including civilians,” said Voinovich.

INFORMATION: Vladimir Voinovich (born in 1932) is a Russian novelist, poet and dramaturgist. Dissident and political emigrant Voinovich had been living in Germany and the United States from 1980 till 1992.

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