Why should Jamala represent Ukraine at Eurovision?

Jamala Jamala

Crimean Jamala is going to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. This year she submits to the European public’s approval her song “1944”, which tells, as easy to guess, about the deportation of Crimean Tatars by the Soviet authorities.

In Ukraine they debate a lot about Jamala as a candidate to Eurovision with this tragic song. On the one hand, the singer Ruslana, who is part of the jury, fully supports Jamala, calling everybody to understand that the Contest goal is a human soul and compassion with a song.

On the other, there are skeptics in the jury, including Andrei Danilko, who doubts in an adequate understanding by wealthy Europeans the Ukrainian problems and suddenly a serious and tragic song becomes popular and wins.

In the end, the jury votes and Jamala takes the second place after The HARDKISS with its non-standard and very atmospheric song.

At the same time, Jamala wins according to the results of the audience SMS voting which gives her almost 40% of support. One way or another, the public opinion rides the wave, because that’s Jamala who represents Ukraine at Eurovision 2016. And here’s why.

Of course the first reason is a political message. Nowadays, when Europe is trying to forget the situation in Ukraine and particularly that one in Crimea as a bad dream, Ukraine must derive a benefit from the Contest. It’s obvious that Europeans want to keep up running their carefree and blissful lifestyle trying to get rid of everything unpleasant including the migrant problems and that disturbing Russian-Ukrainian conflict near the European border, which cannot be ignored. But to take part in Eurovision with a cheerful and carefree song is neither politically nor morally acceptable for Ukraine in the situation. And Jamala’s message about the tragedy 1944 which, in general, is doing on would be the real thing.

The second point is the singer’s “non-format” style to pop contests. But, in my opinion, it will land a blow on the “relaxed ears” of our western neighbors. There is no doubt that Jamala’s vocalism is stronger than anybody else’s. Generally speaking, this singer is not for Eurovision, because her level is much higher than that one of the song contests for young talents. But, on the other hand, the political message combined with perfection and her “non-format” style is the real thing again for Ukraine: to shout out loudly about its problems and do it in that way to make Europeans forget their favorite songs about peace and harmony.

And the third important real thing for Ukraine with sending the Crimean woman to the contest is to recall once again the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. And the hysteria in the Russian media proves that the goal has almost been reached. The only thing left is to win the Contest.


You can also read the original source of this article in Russian.

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