Vinnitsa Police Chief, suspected of separatism, dismissed

Ukrainian police

The Head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze has satisfied Anton Shevtsov’s request of his dismissal from the post of the Head of the Department of the National Police in Vinnitsa region.

As the National Police Press Service reports, Yuri Pedos, who is now the first Deputy of the Chief of the Police in Vinnitsa region, will serve ad interim.

Earlier Dekanoidze signed the order of Shevtsov’s dismissal on the period of verification of “the newly discovered evidence”.

As earlier reported, a scandal took place in Vinnitsa around the newly appointed Chief of the National Police in Vinnitsa region Lieutenant Colonel Anton Shevtsov. The local “Avtomaidan” activist Taisa Gajda released information that Shevtsov was a native of Sevastopol; moreover, his children were still living in the occupied city. Also she unveiled Shevtsov and his wife’s pro-Russian statements in social networks.

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