Venetian politicians recognized Crimea part of Russia


On May 18 the Regional Council of Veneto — the North-East region of Italy, with its centre in Venice, voted for the resolution on recognition of Crimea part of Russia, and called on the Italian Government to lift sanctions against the Russia.

According to Corriere Della Sera, the resolution was supported by 27 deputies with 9 opposed. The Council of Veneto consists of 51 deputies.

“The European Union and Italy refused to accept the principles of self-determination, as contained in the rules of international law in relation to the Crimean peninsula. The European Union and Italy clearly applied a policy of double standards, on the basis of geopolitical motives. They totally ignore the almost unanimous expression of the Crimean people and the Parliament, as well as the historical and cultural components that contributed to this choice,” said the authors of the resolution.

The author of the resolution is MP from the for Lega Nord nationalist party Stefano Valdegamberi, known for his pro-Russian sympathies.

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