UN mission: prisoners are still subjected to torture in Crimea

United Nations

Presenting her report on Crimea Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission Fiona Frazer has stated at a press conference about continuous tortures applied to prisoners on the Crimean peninsula.

“The authorities of Crimea still use tortures and ill-treatment to get involuntary admissions. Prisoners are still transferred to Russia, where we have documented failures to provide health care and at least one detainee’s death,” said Frazer.

According to her, there is a new trend of interference in the professional activities of lawyers who defend human rights in Crimea.

“UN General Assembly Resolution No. 71205 helps very much in our work in Crimea. The Resolution recognizes that Crimea is a territory temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation. In this report we are concerned about the serious violations of human rights in Crimea in particular as for detainees,” added Frazer.

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