Ukrainians in Canada are ready to help in lawsuit over Crimea

The Lawyers from the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada express their readiness to support Ukraine in litigations with Russia.

The Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko told about this after his visit to Canada.

“The theme of Crimea is raised by our diaspora, which has created the Association of Ukrainian lawyers, consisting of leading experts and lawyers from Canada and the United States. They asked questions about the details of the legal war with Russia and expressed their readiness to join us at the expert level to those cases where their participation would be useful,” said Petrenko.

He added that at all the meetings with the representatives of the Canadian authorities he had stressed the importance of the Canadian political support for Ukraine.

“The negotiations with Russia about the relaxation of sanctions are possible only after the full deoccupation of Ukraine. Our Canadian partners have confirmed that the position of Canada remains unchanged from this point of view,” said the Minister of Justice.

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