Ukrainian ships are cannibalized in Crimea

small missile ship

Ukrainian Navy’s Commander-in-Chief Igor Voronchenko states that Ukrainian naval ships, captured by Russians in Crimea during the annexation, are cannibalized for ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“The Ukrainian ships stand apart as the technique of a foreign State, but according to our information, they are used as donors. They are cannibalized,” said Voronchenko in an interview.

According to him, the issue to retrieve the ships has been raised since 2014. “I am confident that we will achieve any solution to this issue by diplomatic and international community’s efforts. It will be either compensation in cash, or they will return the entire contents of the ships,” said the Commander-in-Chief.

The Ukrainian Navy had four corvettes, one frigate, one submarine and 26 auxiliary ships prior to the Russian invasion of Crimea. Part of these ships was taken from Crimea to Odessa and Nikolaev. About 20 Ukrainian ships are still on the Crimean peninsula.

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  1. Thief one day, thief always…

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