Ukrainian military threat to open backfire on Russians in the Black Sea

Russian strategic bombers TU-95MS TU-95MS

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will open backfire if Ukrainian aircraft are shot by the Russian military over the Black Sea.

This was announced by Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

In this way, he commented on the Russian firings on a Ukrainian naval aircraft Antonov-26 over the Black Sea near Odessa on February 1.

“That was not a combat but a transport aircraft. If the fire is opened on a combat aircraft, we will certainly fire back. Pilots have the right and must open fire if our combat aircraft are fired over our territory,” said the Minister.

The Minister stressed that the Ukrainian military aircraft had flown within the territory of Ukraine.

As reported, a Ukrainian An-26 transport aircraft of the Naval Forces was fired over the Odessa gas deposits in the Black Sea on February 1. The fire was opened with small arms from the drilling rig previously captured by the Russian Federation and took place during a training flight of the aircraft in the marine economic zone of Ukraine, over the Odessa gas deposits.

The crew was not injured.

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