Ukrainian MFA calls on the Russia to punish those responsible for firing the aircraft over the Black Sea

Russian strategic bombers TU-95MS TU-95MS

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has protested the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in connection with the firing on the An-26 aircraft of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, which made a training flight over the Black Sea on February 1.

This is said in the comments published on the official web site of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“The Russian side has received our imperative words to cease the wrongful acts against the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including armed provocations in the exclusive maritime economic zone of Ukraine, as well as to investigate the incident and punish those responsible for,” said the statement.

It was previously reported that on February 1 an An-26 transport aircraft of the Naval Forces of Ukraine had been fired over the Odessa gas deposit in the Black Sea. The firing was produced during a flight training of the aircraft in the marine economic zone of Ukraine from the previously captured by the Russian Federation drilling rigs.

The crew was not injured.

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