Ukrainian lawmaker offers to lease Crimea out to Russia for 100 years


The New York Times (NYT) writes that Ukrainian MP from the Radical Party Andriy Artemenko has provided former US Presidential National Security Adviser Michael Flinn with a draft plan for the settlement of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

According to the newspaper, holding of an all-Ukrainian referendum to lease the annexed Crimea out to Russia for a period of 50-100 years is one of the points of the plan. The plan also calls for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine.

Flinn has been provided with Artemenko’s plan through businessman Felix Sater, which had business relationships with US President Donald Trump, as well as through Michael Cohen — the lawyer of the American President.

However, the newspaper notes that Artemenko’s project is more than just another “peace plan” for Trump. The Radical MP who sees himself as a future Ukrainian political leader of Trump’s level said that he had evidence — “names of companies and bank transfers” proving corruption of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and being able to “help to dethrone him.” And, according to Artemenko, he has agreed his plan with Advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The newspaper was informed by Cohen and Sater that they had not discussed the Ukrainian MP’s plan with Trump, and that they had no experience in foreign policy matters.

The NYT also indicates a problem with reputation for all the persons involved in this story. Cohen is under scrutiny by the FBI, investigating his relationship with Russia. A few decades ago, Sater was found guilty to be involved in mafia’s manipulations on the stock market. In early 2000’s Artemenko was accused of misappropriation and spent two and a half years in prison. Later he called the prosecution politically motivated.

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