Ukrainian authorities assure that Ukraine will not give up on Crimea for the calm relations with Russia

Crimea is Ukraine

Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Konstantin Eliseev dismisses a possibility of Ukraine’s give-up on Crimea.

This is about in an Eliseev’s article, published in the American Wall Street Journal.

In this way Eliseev has responded to a businessman Victor Pinchuk’s article in the same newspaper where Pinchuk proposes to “stretch some painful points for peace with Russia”.

“I agree with his (Pinchuk’s) noble calling for peace in the Donbass region, but I cannot agree with his calls for compromises on the basis of disquietude. Fear and weakness are bad advisers. They stimulate the appetites of Russia, inspire its greater aggression and cause bigger human sufferings,” said Eliseev.

According to him, Ukraine has always advocated the solution based on the national interests and the will of Ukrainians wanting their country to be independent and prosperous.

He stressed the impossibility of Ukraine’s give-up on the European and the Euro-Atlantic integration. “It would be a give-up on the independence, the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. It would be like Ukraine fell back on its Soviet past and that would be something unwelcome even by Mr Pinchuk himself,” said Eliseev.

In addition, he stressed that neither Donbass, nor the annexed Crimea could not be part of the compromise for the sake of peace.

“They (Donbass and Crimea) belong to Ukraine and this is acknowledged at the international level. Ukraine will not abandon the Ukrainians caught behind the “iron curtain” of the Russian military invasion in Crimea and Donbass,” says the article.

The businessman Victor Pinchuk’s article appealing Ukraine to compromise with Russia was published in the Wall Street Journal on December 30, 2016. In particular, Pinchuk believes that Ukraine must sacrifice the annexed Crimea “for the sake of peace with Russia”, as well as to agree with the conflict freeze in Donbass.

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