Ukrainian and Russian ships conflict over the Crimean shelf

small missile ship

An incident took place between the Ukrainian Sea guard ship “Podillya” and two Russian combat ships and a Su-24 aircraft in the Black Sea.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine states that the incident took place while “Podillya” was on duty in the north-western part of the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine. The Ukrainian ship was collecting evidence “on the facts of Russia’s seizure of objects and property of Ukraine and illegal industrial activities in the areas of Golitsyn (near the West coast of Crimea — ed.) and Odessa gas fields”. When approaching the gas fields “the Russian ships and the aircraft were carrying out dangerous maneuvers, blocking in violation of universally recognized principles, norms and rules of international law the legitimate actions of “Podillya”.”

“The Su-24 bomber overflew “Podillya” several times at a dangerous height,” said the statement. It is also stated that the Russian patrol ship “Smetlyvy” aimed an artillery piece to the Ukrainian border ship and executed dangerous maneuvers together with the reconnaissance ship “Priazovie”.

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