Ukrainian activists are banned to hold rally for the Ukrainian Independence Day in Crimea

Ukrainian flag

“The Prosecutor’s Office” of Crimea has warned two pro-Ukrainian activists from Simferopol about prohibition of any acts and public events during the Ukrainian Independence Day.

This was reported by an activist and a co-founder of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Crimea Leonid Kuzmin.

According to his information, inter alia, Mikhail Batrak and Galina Balabanova were provided with notifications.

“Some kind of exacerbation is felt when the Prosecutor’s Office of Simferopol begins to deliver incomprehensible warnings on remarkable Ukrainian dates. Probably they are not quite legitimate because a man who has committed nothing, is already suspected of having committed something,” said Kuzmin.

Earlier Kuzmin received a similar warning from the Prosecutor’s Office too.

As a reminder, today, the 24th of August Ukraine is celebrating its Independence Day.

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