Ukrainian activist detained in Crimea for Ukrainian license plates

Ukrainian license plates

A pro-Ukrainian activist Oleg Prikhodko was detained in Saky (Crimea) on June 8.

As reported by the Crimean human rights group, the reason for the detention was the Ukrainian license plates on Prikhodko’s car instead of the Russian ones.

Traffic police inspectors stopped his car and called the FSB to detain Prikhodko.

It is also known that the detainee is imposed three days pre-trial restraint.

“If Oleg Prihodko was detained for driving a car with Ukrainian license plates, so this only implies, according to the administrative law of the Russian Federation, a warning or an administrative fine of 500 rubles, but not detention,” note the human rights activists.

It is reported that Prikhodko was known for his pro-Ukrainian position. So his house was searched and he was repeatedly interrogated by secret services, but he was detained for the first time.

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