Ukraine’s General Staff has explained who of Crimeans will be treated as deserters

Those Crimeans forcibly mobilized into the Russian army are not deserters. But this is not about those Ukrainian militaries violated the oath. This was announced by Speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev.

“The servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who violated the oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine and did not leave for the Mainland to continue their service within the statutory deadlines, are deserters. Corresponding criminal proceedings are instituted against those servicemen,” he said.

According to Seleznev, criminal responsibility is not applicable to citizens of Ukraine who live on the Crimean peninsula now and are forced to serve in the Russian army. “As for those citizens of Ukraine who are currently on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and are recruited into the armed forces of Russia, the legal effects for such citizens are not too fatal,” said Seleznev.

As reported, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained on the border with Crimea two former Ukrainian soldiers, who changed the oath after the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

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