Ukraine seeks to strike the Simferopol airport off ticketing systems


The Ukrainian authorities have sought to delete the airport of Simferopol from international air ticketing systems.

This was reported by the partner of the law firm “Ante” Andrew Hooke, who specializes in aviation law.

According to his information, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the State Air Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are engaged in those activities to appeal to the IATA and ICAO international organizations of civil aviation and air transport.

“The IATA and ICAO codes cancellation for the airport of Simferopol will render impossible to buy tickets via the most international booking systems. This is sufficient punishment for Russian airlines because they will find it more difficult to sell tickets to Crimea,” said the lawyer.

According to Hooke, Russia has its own coding system of airports, which consists of three Cyrillic letters. “Such encoding is used by the relatively little popular Russian booking system “Sirena”. So tickets to Simferopol can be sold either in regular air ticket offices in Russia or in the agencies that have access to the “Sirena” only. But there are few such agencies in the world,” he said.

As a reminder, Ukraine has closed the airport of Simferopol for flights since March 2014, however, Russian airlines have ignored the ban.


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