Ukraine proposes the Day of struggle for the rights of Ukrainians in Crimea

The Taurian Humanitarian Platform, the Union of Internally Displaced Persons and other social organizations initiate the 28th of August as the Day of struggle for the rights of ethnic Ukrainians of Crimea.

This was stated by Coordinator of the Taurian Humanitarian Platform Andriy Ivanets.

According to him, the 28th of August was chosen in relation to the Congress of Ukrainians of Tauria held on 27-29 August 1917 as well as with the Congress of Ukrainians of Crimea held on 28-29 August 1918.

“The Russian discriminatory policy is de facto aimed at the assimilation of the ethnic Ukrainians of Crimea, therefore the effectiveness of the struggle should be examined as well as the eye of the Ukrainian and the world public should be met the problems of the Ukrainian community’s rights observance on the Day of struggle,” said Ivanets.

The Coordinator of Taurian Humanitarian Platform also stressed that the Russian occupation authorities systematically violated the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities in Crimea, and, according to the estimates of the UN, the OSCE and other international organizations and experts, Crimean Tatar people and Ukrainians were those mostly oppressed by severe discrimination.

“By isolating from the Ukrainian informational, educational and humanitarian space, destructing the Ukrainian educational system in Crimea, Ukrainian mass media, prohibiting activity of Ukrainian organizations and parties, repressing against Ukrainian activists, forcing anti-Ukrainian hysteria using methods of informational and psychological warfare Russia consistently creates conditions to assimilate the Ukrainians of Crimea,” said Ivanets.

According to the All-Ukrainian population census 2001, 492 thousand of ethnic Ukrainians resided in Crimea and about 80 thousand in Sevastopol with the total Crimean population of 2 million people. According to the census conducted after the Russian annexation of Crimea, the number of Ukrainians allegedly dropped by 40%.


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