Ukraine intends to find out how European ships enter Crimean ports


Today, the 7th of October, the Ukrainian delegation will touch on the situation in Crimea, as well as inform other participants about the Ukraine’s position to extend sanctions against the Russian Federation during the fourth round of EU-Ukraine bilateral meetings to be held in Brussels.

This was reported by a participant of the delegation, First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar.

“The agenda will surely include the illegal visits of vessels from the European Union at the Crimean ports, the Mejlis clampdown and repression in Crimea, as well as house searches and freedom of speech. It means that the range of issues related to Crimea is wide,” said Dzheppar.

According to her, the main objective of these negotiations is to synchronize policies regarding non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea, as well as to formulate clear recommendations regarding further actions in this context.

“Our position is immutable: the policy of non-recognition should continue and the sanctions should be even tougher,” said the Deputy Minister.

At the same time, she does not predict the result of this round of negotiations, but expects that the EU will tune into the beat of the Ukrainian position that it is impossible to ease or lift the sanctions against Russia at the moment.

As a reminder, Crimean ports were called at by 631 vessels as of August 2016. Most of them (352) were under the Russian flag or registration. 97 vessels under the Ukrainian flag and registration called at too. In addition, 28 vessels under the flags of several EU countries visited Crimea.

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