Ukraine has arrested in absentia the ferry, plying between Crimea and Turkey


The Court of Odessa has granted a Military Prosecutor’s request to arrest the Varyag ferry (ІMO 8019887), illegally plying between the ports of Sevastopol (Ukraine) and Zonguldak (Turkey).

This is stated in a Court’s order, issued by the Registry of judicial decisions.

The vessel is under the flag of Panama and controlled by a Russian company with the vessel’s home port of St. Petersburg.

The Court’s order states that Varyag systematically plies illegal voyage “without any license of authorized bodies.” Thus the crew violates a number of Ukrainian laws. The crew faces five to eight years of imprisonment for violation of the regulations for group entry into the occupied territory.

The Ukrainian investigation has found that Varyag has plied 18 voyages between the ports of Sevastopol and Zonguldak since August 2015. And not long ago, the vessel again plied a voyage to Turkey after a long break caused by the cooling of relations between Russia and Turkey due to the Russian bomber shot down by Turkey.

Now the Ukrainian authorities will arrest Varyag, if it dares to call at any Ukrainian port on the Kyiv-controlled territory.

Sevastopol media reports that Varyag shipped 700 tons of oranges and mandarins, as well as building materials and domestic appliances to Sevastopol on November 5, 2016.

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