Ukraine files a criminal case against for aiding and abetting the occupiers in Crimea


MP Hryhoriy Logvinsky says that the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has opened criminal proceedings against that may result in a lack of access to the site on the territory of Ukraine.

According to him, the Dutch actively cooperates with the occupying “authorities” of the peninsula and openly advertises, makes trades and sells in the accommodation facilities, sanatoriums and hotels of Crimea stolen from Ukraine.

“The company has ventured too far selling hotel vouchers even for the “grabbed” facilities of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Presidential Administration, in this way, as a matter of fact, stealing money from the higher authorities of Ukraine. As a result, the company is an accessory to the crime,” wrote Logvinsky in Facebook.

The MP also believes that should pay Ukraine all the illegally obtained money.

The site offers accommodation in more than 700 thousand hotels in 200 countries, including booking hotel rooms in Crimea that is contrary to the EU sanctions banning to render travel services on the annexed peninsula.

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