Ukraine calls upon UNESCO to respond to the visit of British archaeologists in Crimea


A statement of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine published on the official website says that the Ministry has appealed to UNESCO due to the announced intentions of the Crimean “authorities” to realize a historical and archaeological project in cooperation with British archaeologists.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine draws attention to the fact that any interference with the integrity of the cultural heritage sites located on the annexed territory of Crimea and Sevastopol will be regarded as a violation of Russia’s obligations as an occupying power.

In addition, the Ministry requests the United Kingdom to take steps to prevent British archaeologists from visiting the annexed Crimea and notes the need for compliance with the Ukrainian legislation on entry to the occupied territory of Ukraine.

The authors of the statement also invoke Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova to condemn the illegal actions of the Russian Federation as the occupying power and to take measures to restore the legal order, in accordance with the Conventions of UNESCO.

It was previously reported that a delegation of British archeologists had plans to visit Crimea. According to the Crimean authorities, the delegation will consist of scientists from the University of Bristol and an English military history magazine.

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