Ukraine bolsters its South force grouping due to the strange Russia’s actions in Crimea

The Ukrainian military command reinforces troops in the Kherson region with heavy military equipment and personnel.

According to local residents, heavy weaponry, such as anti-tank rocket launchers, are deployed in the region.

According to the speaker of the General Headquarters Vladislav Seleznev, these steps are dictated by the need to effectively respond to the threats that may arise due to the possible aggressive Russian’s actions.

Meanwhile, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has recorded nine Russian helicopters and two drones executing maneuvers in proximity to the border with the occupied Crimea. “Border guards have recorded flights of nine Russian MI-8 and two UAVs over the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea in proximity to the administrative border. The interactive units of the armed forces have been informed about the facts,” stated the Service.

It was previously reported about additional military equipment and personnel of the enemy deployed by Russia in the northern areas of the Crimean peninsula.


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