Turkey does not let ferries from Crimea to enter its ports


The maritime trade between Crimea and Turkey has hit the buffers: Turkish Customs does not clear ferries from Sevastopol, exporters cannot load them and send back.

Director of the Selin Global logistics company Arzygul Kaimakçi stated in an interview to the Turkish edition Hürriyet that the recently arrived from Sevastopol Turkish ships had not be put at the port of Zonguldak.

“When a ship is not put at the port it cannot be loaded. At the moment, the maritime trade between Crimea and Turkey has been stopped,” said the Director of the logistics company.

According to Kaimakçi, the rationale for this is that the ships came from Crimea. “The ban was imposed because the ships had come from Crimea. We have a Turkish ship with an entirely Turkish crew. But so far the ship cannot be moored. The reason is that it arrived from Crimea,” said the Director of Selin Global.

The blockade was admited by Director of the Crimean Sea Agency Stanislav Gvozdilov. “All the ships from Crimea are prohibited. It turns out due to Turkey does not recognize the Russian Crimea. Russian ships from other regions, for example from Novorossiysk, are allowed but not from Crimea,” is Gvozdilov very surprised.

As a reminder the Crimea-Turkey maritime trade, interrupted in 2015 after the Turks had shoot a Russian bomber down, was restored in the autumn of 2016.

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