Traitor-Admirals Transferred from the Crimea to Russia

Denis Berezovskii

Admirals of Ukrainian Navy who betrayed their oath of allegiance and decided to serve the occupants are transferred from the Crimea to other parts of Russia

Rear admiral Denis Berezovskii, former Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Navy, who de facto surrendered his forces to the aggressors, did not stay deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation for too long. Last year he was transferred to Moscow. Right now the traitor studies in the Academy of the General Staff of Russia.

Sergey Eliseev, former First Deputy Commander of Ukrainian Navy, was appointed Deputy Commander of Baltic Fleet in July of 2014.

Dmitrii Shakuro, former Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Navy, was transferred the Caspian Sea as a Deputy Commander of the Flotilla.

All of the above-mentioned personalities are the subjects of criminal investigations by the Military Prosecutor of Ukraine. They had their military ranks and decorations revoked.

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