They symbolically celebrate the anniversary of “referendum” in Crimea: with a police escort and a paddy wagon

In Simferopol on March 16 they begin to celebrate the second anniversary of the “referendum” on the status of Crimea unrecognized by the world.

There are a lot of policemen in the Crimean capital and the centre of the city is filled with metal detectors. A paddy wagon accompanies the solemn procession, framed by iron fences. Journalists are strictly allowed behind the fences on the list of preparatory accreditation.

The procession started along the main street of Simferopol in the morning. People waved huge flags of Russia and Crimea, schoolchildren stood with flags and flowers on roadsides, chanting periodically: “Russia, Crimea, Putin”.

An orchestra led the procession followed by the “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov, other Crimean officials, Crimean “self-defence”, Cossacks and cadets.

The city traffic is blocked in center.

According to local residents, the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) agents went from house to house along the route of the procession, and checked attics.

A mitting and concert took place at the building of the Crimean Parliament. Aksenov called the 16-th of March the landmark day and stated that it would be celebrated as the “victory day”.

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