The United States has given to understand that Putin’s decision on Crimea will not affect the sanctions


The United States will not make any changes in its policy regarding Crimea, despite the Kremlin’s decision on the liquidation of the Crimean Federal District in Russia.

This was announced by the United States Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Ross Pyatt during his communication with journalists.

“That decision has no any significance for the United States. We do not recognize the annexation of Crimea and, therefore, our sanction policy will not depend on who is the Governor of Sevastopol or Crimea. We have announced and still believe that Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine,” he said.

Pyatt did not comment on the suggestion that the integration of Crimea with the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation would mean an extension of sanctions on the entire Southern Federal District.

As it was reported the day before Russian President Vladimir Putin had signed a decree on integration of the annexed Crimea with the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

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