The Ukrainian activist disappears after the search in her house in Crimea


The head of Crimean human rights group Olga Skrypnyk informs that the Federal Security Service (FSB) seized from the apartment of the Crimean activists Larisa Kitajskaya in Yalta all the electronic equipment, including those belonging to her family.

According to Skrypnyk, the FSB summoned for questioning Kitajskaya’s husband and two her relatives. While it is still unknown what Kitajskaya is accused of.

“The question about the reason of the questioning met with no response. Kitajskaya’s article of accusation was not explained, as well as her procedural status is still unknown. All we know that she should explain her “extremist positions” in Facebook,” said Skrypnyk.

Kitajskaya’s whereabouts is unknown at the moment too. “There is no connection either with her or with her lawyer,” said the detainee’s daughter Ksenia, who lives in Kiev.

As a reminder, the FSB of Russia detained the pro Ukrainian activist Larisa Kitajskaya in Yalta on July 18.

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