The Tatars, beaten by the Russian militaries, are intimidated and bribed in Crimea

In Armyansk, Crimea, the Russian military command intimidates and bribes the witnesses and victims of the recent brawl with the militaries to change their testimony.

This follows from a statement of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

It is reported that Russian law enforcers carry out investigations in an emergency mode to appoint those culpable in the brawl between the Russian militaries from the 51st Airborne Regiment of the 106th Airborne Division (Tula) and the locals from among the Crimean Tatars in Armyansk on January 30.

“At the same time, the Russian military command tries to intimidate and bribe those locals who were witnesses and victims to change their testimony,” noted the Intelligence.

The Defense Intelligence has previously reported on the incident, taken place in one of the cafes of Armyansk on January 30. According to the Intelligence, a mass brawl involving 27 Russian soldiers who illegally went AWOL and a group of local residents took place. The incident was provoked by the militaries who, being under the influence of alcohol, were rude to the cafe’s staff and humiliated visitors of Tatar nationality.

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