The suspicion of “extremism” is handed over a Ukrainian activist from Yalta

Larisa Kitajskaya Larisa Kitajskaya

Officers of the Federal Security Service (FSB) handed the suspicion of “extremism” over Larisa Kitajskaya, a pro Ukrainian activist from Yalta.

During the interrogation the investigator presented her a number of screenshots, which allegedly were from her page on Facebook.

The press-service of the Prosecutor’s Office of Crimea reported that “a resident of Yalta had posted on her page on the social network Facebook text files containing information aimed at stirring up hatred and animosity towards a certain ethnic group of persons”.

Kitajskaya told human rights defenders that her and her husband’s health had aggravated after moral and psychological pressure from the FSB, which she amounts to torture. Her husband left for the mainland Ukraine, he is now being treated at one of Kyiv’s hospitals.

As a reminder, Russian FSB officers detained the pro Ukrainian activist Larisa Kitajskaya and searched her house in Yalta on July 18.

Kitajskaya believes the secret service pressurizes trying to dispossess of her apartment in Yalta.

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