The State Duma of Russia has created a Subcommittee for Crimea


A Subcommittee charged with “legislation of the Russian State policy for nationalities in Crimea and Sevastopol” was created as part of the Committee for nationalities of the Russian State Duma.

Former “Vice Premier” of Crimea Ruslan Balbek has become Chairman of the Subcommittee.

Experts do not exclude that creation of the specialized Subcommittee “is just a signal to Crimeans that deputies do not forget them”.

As reported by the Russian newspaper Kommersant, there are specific problems in civil identity and inter-ethnic relations in Crimea. That was revealed by a monitoring conducting by sociologists in many regions and ordered by the Federal Agency for nationalities. They conducted the first qualitative study in Crimea in the autumn of 2015. It revealed that people on the shady side of forty, born in the USSR, identified themselves Russians easily. But, according to the sociologists, most of the youth (20+ years old) “has dual Russian and Ukrainian civil identity”.

In addition, Crimeans, as well as inhabitants of any other regions, living at the expense of seasonal tourism, usually divide people in “our Crimeans and visitors”.

For this reason, the sociologists have found “a bridge” between the Crimean Tatars, who sympathized with Ukraine, and the Russian-speaking majority in rejection of the “Varangians” from Russia, nominated in the power structures of the peninsula. According to the sociologists, the situation has not changed since then and the changes will require a long period of time.

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