The song of Jamala wins on “exit polls” of Eurovision

Jamala Jamala

The song “1944” by Ukrainian singer from Crimea Jamala representing the country on Eurovision, has taken the first place at the European song festival opening 2016, which is considered a kind of “exit-poll” before the main European song contest.

At the contest, which takes place in Bern this year, the jury of 16 representatives of major record companies in Europe has listened to 193 songs.

According to the rules of the contest, the winners of the national selections take part in the event as well as those challengers who reached the finals.

The top five finalists selected are from Great Britain, Armenia, Moldova and Italy while the Russian challenger Sergey Lazarev is not even in the top 20.


2 Comments on The song of Jamala wins on “exit polls” of Eurovision

  1. The contest will take place in Stockholm. The text is wrong about that. Not Germany, not Bern.

    • Philip Larmett // May 5, 2016 at 00:28 // Reply

      Jo Maas,
      I think the article is referring to the rehearsal contest, which took place in Bern, Switzerland (not Germany).
      I agree, it’s not very well written and therefore cause of your confusion.
      Yes, they should have said that the actual finals will take later this month in Stockholm, Sweden

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