The Russian authorities propose Crimeans to develop Siberia


The issue of colonization of the Far East and Siberia is broached in Russia. According to the Russian Izvestia (News) newspaper, the Commission on Migration of the Council on International Relations to the President of the Russian Federation proposes to populate Siberia and the Far East with the inhabitants from certain regions of the Central Russia, the Northern Caucasus, as well as from the Southern Federal District, which has recently included the annexed Crimea. This will be announced at the Council meeting in October, after which the issue will be presented to President Vladimir Putin.

It is noted that a mass civilian displacement is needed from the manpower excess regions to the places where manpower is short.

The Commission has already invented how to engage Russians and Crimeans to change their place of residence: they can be offered preferential loans to purchase housing, increased salaries, training for in-demand occupations, etc.


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