The Right Sector has created the Crimean Hundred to combat separatism

The Right Sector

The Right Sector Ukrainian Volunteer Corps has created a new unit called the Crimean Hundred, which will be deployed near the border with the annexed Crimea.

This was said by representative of the Right Sector in the Kherson Oblast Natalya Voteichkina.

“Earlier two divisions – the Chongar Beavers and the Crimean Tatar Hundred were created under the guidance of the Right Sector in the Kherson region. The last unit includes the Crimean Tatars, who were members of our Corps. Now, however, we have decided to expand the ranks of the Crimean Tatar Hundred. The unit will include both the Crimean Tatars and the representatives of other nationalities, the natives of Crimea who want to fight for the liberation of the peninsula. Therefore, Head of the power wing of the Right Sector Andriy Stempitsky has issued the order to create a new unit called the Crimean Hundred,” explained Voteichkina.

According to the information published on the page of the Crimean Hundred in Facebook, the new unit will perform counter separatism tasks near the administrative border with the Crimean peninsula, as well as “attain combat tasks and be engaged in battles on different fields of action”.

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