The Pro Ukrainian activist from Yalta is at home under the FSB’s supervision

Larisa Kitajskaya Larisa Kitajskaya

After the search in the apartment of the Crimean activist Larisa Kitajskaya the later is at home. Her lawyer is allowed to visit.

This was reported by the daughter of the detainee — Ksenia.

According to her, officers from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) regularly visit Kitajskaya at home. She noted that yet the Russian enforcers had served no formal charges on her mother.

“As the matter of fact they have not served her with any charges. But at the same time they intimidate and psych her out and the like. The search of the apartment was illegal. There are no protocols, nothing at all. But there is an illegal detention because there are no documents about this too. They accuse her of “extremism”. But they have a very broad understanding of this word, and absolutely anything could be meant by this,” told Ksenia.

As a reminder, on Monday, the 18th of July, Russian FSB officers detained the Pro Ukrainian activist Larisa Kitajskaya in Yalta.

It was earlier reported that Kitajskaya’s whereabouts were unknown after the search, conducted by the FSB in her apartment in Yalta.

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