The President of Ukraine is asked to prohibit the advertising of vacations in Crimea

Activists from Dnipro ask the President of Ukraine to prohibit advertising and transportation of holiday resorts located in the temporarily occupied territories, particularly in Crimea.

This is stated in the relevant petition, posted on the website of the President.

Previously, students and graduates of the Volunteers’ School in Dnipro led a movement to destroy advertising on posts and stops calling for urbanites to spend holidays in the resorts of the annexed peninsula. The term “tourist separatism” has won strong positions in Ukrainian media after this action. The movement’s followers have appeared not only in Dnipro, but in other cities of the region too.

Now the students and the graduates of the Volunteers’ School have registered a petition to ban the “tourist separatism”.

“Today, when the daily sanguinary battles are fought in the East of Ukraine, the unchallenged manifestation of the so-called “tourist separatism” is out-of-time and out-of-tolerance. We are talking about an aggressive holiday advertising campaign of resorts, located in the occupied territories. First of all, it is the resorts of Crimea. Also there are isolated examples of advertising tours to the cities of the aggressor-state — Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.” writes the author of the petition.

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