The number of Ukrainian classes reduces in Crimea

In the new school year the Ukrainian language will not be one of teaching in the first and the second forms of the Ukrainian School-Gymnasium in Simferopol which was renamed the Simferopol Academic Gymnasium after the annexation of Crimea. This was reported on the “Crimean Ukrainians” community page in Facebook.

“There are no the first and the second forms with the Ukrainian language any longer,” said the statement.

This information was also confirmed by the spokesperson of the Ministry of education of Crimea Anton Garkavets.

“Indeed, there is no teaching in the Ukrainian in the first and the second forms any longer. Parents used to take decision about a language of teaching, and classes are formed on this principal. Parents have not stated their willingness to let their children learn and be taught in the Ukrainian for the past two years,” he says.

According to Garkavets, up to the 10th form, children have right to choose a language of teaching from the three ones, having the status of the State language on the peninsula: Russian, Ukrainian or Crimean Tatar. In the 10th and the 11th teaching is exclusively in Russian.

The Ukrainian School-Gymnasium was renamed the Simferopol academic Gymnasium in 2014, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

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