The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine points out the rules for foreigners intending to visit Crimea

Crimea is Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine encourages foreign citizens to enter the annexed Crimea in accordance with the Ukrainian and international laws.

It is referred to in an address, published on the website of the Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry points out the rules according which foreigners can enter and leave the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine only by special authorization through the checkpoints on the Ukrainian territory.

“The laws of Ukraine inobservance when visiting the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea is considered by the Ukrainian side as conscious indulgence for Russia as the Aggressor State and the occupier, as well as contempt for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Once again we demand all foreign citizens to precisely adhere to the legislation of Ukraine and the norms of international law,” said the address.

The Ministry assured that Ukraine would respond to any violation of the prescribed procedures and bring law violators to justice, in particular, by prohibition to enter the territory of Ukraine.

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