The Kremlin renounces the idea to widely mark the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea

The RF Presidential Administration has decided to abandon format 2014 while this year celebration of the day of “accession” of Crimea to Russia.

The celebration is traditionally held on March 18 – the day of the Accession Treaty of the peninsula and Russia. “We are together!” rally-concert took place on the Red Square in Moscow on that day in 2014. It was attended by 110 thousand people entertained by popular singers and politicians, as well as by President Vladimir Putin’s speech. This format repeated the next two years: the Red Square was crowded with 100 thousand people listening to the President. Last year Putin did not attend the rally personally, but congratulate the participants via video communication from Crimea, where he went to inspect the Kerch Bridge construction.

An official from the Kremlin say that this year format is out of date and will be changed due to it is not good to do the same thing over and over again. He confessed that such large scale rallies need attendance of a big number of state employees, which leads to an excessive “bureaucratization”.

The format of this year celebration is not clear yet. Probably, it will include a concert taking place somewhere else, but not on the Red Square and not in the center of Moscow.

The Moscow University is considered as one of these sites. At that, as previously reported, some students argued against any politicized celebrations at the University.


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