The Kremlin believes it meets the adequate price for the annexation of Crimea


Russia’s Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the annexation of Crimea by Russia had brought many difficulties in the economy. However, according to him, the price to pay is “adequate”.

Peskov stated in an interview to the RBC that the economic difficulties affected all the regions of the country; however, he called on Russians not to “make a federal case out of the price” for the “reunification” of the peninsula.

“It is obvious that those international developments and the behavior of some countries in the West, both in Europe and in the United States that followed the “reunification” of Crimean and Russia, they have brought a lot of difficulties for our economy. Those difficulties and that price, probably, are to be faced. Is the price big? I’d rather say this way: it is adequate for the Russian Federation.” said Peskov.

Answering the question if Russian President Vladimir Putin is satisfied with what Russia has got from the annexation of Crimea; Peskov said that the Head of the State was not happy with everything so he was in personal control of the situation. “Could the integration processes be better, could the budget money to improve the standard of living in Crimea and so on be spent more effectively? I’m sure that something could be done better, and Putin is aware of this,” said Peskov.

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  1. If it’s adequate, then it’s not high enough. Let’s raise the stakes…

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