The Italian Parliament has voted down the pro-Russian resolution


The Italian Parliament has not supported the resolution to lift the sanctions against Russia.

This was reported by Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelygin in his Facebook.

“The Italian Parliament has failed the next attempt of some parties to adopt the resolution to lift the sanctions against Russia. The members of the Chamber of Deputies have not supported the draft resolution of the Five Stars Movement opposition political force, which contains an appeal to the Government of Italy on the “immediate lifting of the sanctions against Russia,” said the Ambassador.

Instead of the resolution to lift the sanctions, the Deputies adopted a document calling for the full implementation of the Minsk accords. The resolution was supported by MPs from the Democratic Party, the New Right Centre and individual deputies from the Different Group.

Earlier by the efforts of the pro-Russian party Lega Nord and the Five Stars Movement, the local councils of three areas of Italy: Veneto, Liguria and Lombardy adopted resolutions calling the Government to lift the anti-Russian sanctions and recognize the Russian status of the annexed Crimea. Another Italian area — Tuscany — called to lift the sanctions against Russia, but scorned the annexation of Crimea.

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