The Italian Foreign Ministry warns Italian deputies against visiting Crimea


Italy’s Foreign Ministry sent a letter with recommendation to refuse from visiting Crimea by a delegation of representatives of Regional Councils of several areas of the country. This was reported by a member of the delegation, Adviser to the Regional Council of Veneto Luciano Sandonà.

“We got this one after a letter from the Ukrainian Consulate,” said Sandonà, showing a copy of the letter from the Foreign Ministry.

The document says that the Italian Foreign Ministry has received a protest note from the Ukrainian diplomatic mission, stating that Italian politicians “violate Ukrainian and international laws, as well as the EU directives” by visiting Crimea. In this regard, “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers its duty to recommend refusing from visiting.”

The trip of representatives of the Regional Councils of Veneto, Lombardy, Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany in Crimea will be held October 13-16.

Earlier Governors of these areas received a letter from the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy, noted that the members of the delegation might face criminal liability for violation of Ukrainian laws by visiting the peninsula.

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