The Foreign Ministry affirms that Bulgaria has not issued visa to a Crimean “Minister”


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine affirms that the “Minister of culture” of the Government of the occupation Crimea Arina Novoselskaya did not receive visa from the Bulgarian authorities to enter the country.

The Foreign Ministry informed about this the News from Crimea website in response to information request, commenting the visit of a Crimean delegation headed by Novoselskaya in Bulgaria in May this year.

“As evidenced by the results of the official investigation of the MFA of the Republic of Bulgaria, neither the Embassy nor the consulates or any visa centers of Bulgaria in Russia issued a national visa to Arina Novoselskaya, who calls herself ” the Minister of culture of Crimea,” — said the reply of the Ministry.

The document does not specify whether the visa were granted by the Embassy of Bulgaria in Ukraine. The Bulgarian Embassy in Ukraine has not yet responded to the News of Crimea request.

In addition, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry underlines that Novoselskaya is not included in the sanctions list of the European Union.

As a reminder, the Russian media reported that Bulgaria was visited by a Crimean delegation led by the “Minister of Culture” Arina Novoselskaya in May. And there “the Crimeans have for the first time in the country of the EU presented the investment, art and cultural potential of the Republic”.

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