The European Court will consider a complaint of the Crimean volunteer on tortures in the SBU

Stanislav Krasnov Stanislav Krasnov

The European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) has taken into consideration a complaint of Head of the Azov-Crimea Civic Corps Stanislav Krasnov. Krasnov appeals against unlawful detention, torture and unfair trial.

This was announced by Krasnov’s lawyer Andrei Mamalyga, acting for Krasnov in Ukrainian courts.

“The Court considers that the facts permit to start proceeding. The judicial practice varies and the proceedings may last from one to ten years,” said Mamalyga.

He suggested that the consideration of Krasnov’s complaint to the ECHR could affect the cases against Krasnov in Ukrainian courts.

It was earlier reported about Crimean volunteer Krasnov and his girlfriend activist Oksana Shelest’s detention by the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) on the night of February 28 this year. Krasnov was charged with illegal keeping of weapons.

In addition, the SBU stated about an arms cache found in the Kiev region and allegedly made by Krasnov.

In its turn, the activist’s defense said that the SBU officers had tortured Krasnov. During one of the Court’s hearings on applying a measure of restraint the activist was hospitalized with a hypertensic crisis, a cerebral concussion and a closed craniocerebral injury diagnosed by doctors.

Krasnov was released from the remand prison and placed under house arrest on September 22 this year.

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