The detainee Crimean volunteer goes on a hunger strike

Stanislav Krasnov Stanislav Krasnov

The Kyiv appeal court has upheld seizure of the Crimean Head of the Civil Volunteer Corps “Azov-Crimea” Stanislav Krasnov.

The relevant decision was announced during the trial today.

Krasnov has gone on a hunger strike protesting against the Court’s decision.

As earlier reported, Krasnov and his girlfriend, activist Oksana Shelest were detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Kyiv region on the night of February 28, 2016. He was placed under arrest and charged with illegal weapon possession. In addition, SBU stated about an arms cache allegedly made by Krasnov.

However, the activist defender stated that Krasnov had been tortured by the SBU.

During one of the Court sessions on pre-trial restrictions the activist was hospitalized with hypertensive crisis, brain commotion and closed craniocerebral injury.

On the night of March 2 Krasnov was released from remand prison due to 72-hour period expiration, during which the restrictions had to be chosen. On the same day, SBU accused Krasnov of terrorism and treason.

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