The Crimean, persecuted by the FSB, believes that they try to dispossess her of her apartment

Larisa Kitajskaya Larisa Kitajskaya

At the moment the citizen of Ukraine Larisa Kitajskaya, who previously stated about persecution by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in Crimea, and her husband remain in Yalta and wait for questioning.

As the Crimean human rights group reportes, Kitajskaya still does not know her legal status and has not yet received any formal documents from the secret service.

After the Russian annexation of Crimea Kitajskaya left the peninsula for the Mainland Ukraine. A few weeks ago, the family arrived to Yalta hoping to sell apartment. But, according to Kitajskaya, the police and the FSB came straight to the notary, and the deal did not take place. The policemen searched her apartment and confiscated her computer equipment.

“Nobody produced any documents, except the identifying cards. One of the security officials identified himself as an officer of the FSB. Another introduced himself as an investigator of the Investigation Committee. During the search the investigator said that he had liked my apartment,” told Kitajskaya.

The Crimean supposes than she is intimidated to dispossess her of her apartment in Yalta.

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