The Crimean authorities grumble at lack of electricity

The power grid of Crimea experiences a shortage of 100 MW of electricity. This was announced by the so-called “Head” of Crimea Sergey Aksenov at a meeting with Director of the Krymenergo Company Viktor Plakida.

“The electricity situation is stable in winter, but there is some shortage and the Republic is short of 100 MW,” complained Aksenov.

Plakida confirmed the deficit of electricity and indicated that “the situation had worsened with a cold spell.”

At the same time Plakida is sure that “there will be enough electricity if residents consume it reasonably”. “We always ask people not to needlessly plug in additional electrical devices during morning and evening peaks,” stated the head of the power company.

Previously Aksyonov assured that there were no problems with electricity in Crimea, and rotating blackouts would be scheduled if frosts came. He also promised Crimean that the “blackouts would be applied to industrial enterprises only in the case of peak loads and would not affect the population and social objects”.


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