The court clamps the Crimean Tatar people Mejlis down

Crimean Tatars Flag

The “Supreme Court of Crimea” has recognized the Crimean Tatar people Mejlis an extremist organization and clamped it down in Russia on April 26.

The Panel of judges headed by Natalia Terentieva has passed this verdict to the “Procurator of Crimea” Natalia Poklonskaya’s lawsuit to ban the Mejlis.

This information was confirmed by an activist Zaire Smedlyaev in Facebook.

“The show has ended, the lady is satisfied!” he wrote, apparently bearing in mind Poklonskaya.

Everybody has immediately left the court room after the verdict. The Head of Mejlis First Deputy Nariman Dzelyal has stated as the defendant in this case that the members of the Mejlis will appeal.

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