The annexation did not prevent the Ukrainian oligarchs to formalize land in Crimea

Ukrainian oligarchs became owners of land and real estates in Crimea after the Russian occupation.

Russian News Agency “RBC” writes about this.

In particular, four Ukrainian companies have been land owners in Crimea sinse 2015 i.e. after the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

The family of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov possesses four land parcels next to Foros, on the Cape of Chekhov.

Also, the”Sport tour”company acquired land in Crimea between Alupka and Simeiz. The “Sport tour” belongs to the “Terra-invest” investment company, which one of the co-owners is Alexander Moshinskij, the lawyer representing interests of Viktor Medvedchuk. Previously, Medvedchuk has confirmed his relationship with the “Sport tour”. Medvedchuk is compadre of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The agency affirms that Rinat Akhmetov is still possessing land in Crimea too. One of the offshore companies allegedly controlled by the businessman Starvista Ltd is the own of the “New Kuchuk-Khoi” estates in Simeiz.

The nearby land parcels belongs to the “Tai-invest”company, associated with another Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Grigorishin who is owner of the “Energy Standard” group.

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