State Border Service: They Take Away Ukrainian Passports at the Crimean Border

In Crimea, the Russian control services take away the passports of the Ukrainian citizens crossing the “border”. This follows from a statement of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

According to the Service, Ukrainian border guards made interrogation of a Ukrainian citizen on his way to mainland Ukraine on March10 at the “Kalanchak” checkpoint. This Lviv resident had not his Ukrainian passport but only its photocopy. As it turned out the Russian enforcers seized the passport of the citizen. The Ukrainian said that the enforcers had claimed the stamps and his photograph in the passport. The man was detained for more than 24 hours at the border, his passport was seized, and the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) officers handed him a photocopy of his passport. Besides, they accused him in administrative violation. So he had to return to the mainland.

“It must be noted that similar cases are not uncommon. Recently the Russian occupants seized the Ukrainian passport from another one citizen of Ukraine on her trip to Crimea. They explained that the woman lived in mainland Ukraine but had the Crimean residence registration so she should have either to register for a new place, or replace her Ukrainian passport with the Russian one. They also imposed an administrative fine on her and gave the corresponding resolution and a photocopy of her passport,” said the Ukrainian border guards.

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